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Midlife crisis male behavior in dating


Five indicators that you are ready to move in with your partner His penchant for blossoming bombshells is not the only thing you have to worry about either. A man who is experiencing midlife crisis is apt "Midlife crisis male behavior in dating" make dramatic changes in his personal style or appearance. In an effort to recapture his dwindling youth, he might start dressing like a teenager. We are talking about sagging trousers, ripped jeans, t-shirts emblazoned with boyish literature, cap tilted at a rakish angle, singlets perhaps to show off muscles, boots and a snapback bag sloped sideways for maximum effect.

His choice of jewelery will no longer be limited to a watch and his wedding ring. He will start rocking chunky rings and lots of gold chains on his hairy chest.

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In addition to that, do not be surprised if he starts spending more time in front of the mirror. He will become more conscious of his appearance and start using products like hair dyes to tackle those pesky gray hairs. He might also become obsessed with working out.

Another prime symptom of a midlife crisis is an impulse to spend money on extravagant man toys like top of the range motorbikes and sports cars.

He will do whatever it takes to make up for all the things he let slip by in his youth.

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He might make rash decisions like quitting his job, getting a tattoo or going on a vacation to a place he has always dreamed of. Rather than acting like a middle-aged man with responsibilities, he will revert back to being like a teenager without a care in the world.

Even seemingly accomplished men are not spared from the depressing transition of a midlife crisis. They start to wonder if that is all there is to life. Why you need to start dating if you are single HandlING the transition There are other men who deal with a midlife crisis by falling into destructive behaviors like alcohol or drug abuse, gambling or porn.

A midlife crisis is not the worst thing in the world. Most women are usually at a loss on what to do when their men start exhibiting signs of a midlife crisis. While things like affairs and drug and alcohol abuse can be hard to get through, the other stuff can be easily weathered.

There is nothing inherently wrong with "Midlife crisis male behavior in dating" man wanting to cut down a few pounds or purchase a new car as long as he is not running you into debts.

Women's Role Ken Ouko, a sociologist offers some advice on how to handle this transition. Women possess the capacity to buoy or deflate men in equal proportion. You are advised not to overreact.

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Instead try joining him in his new-found passions once in a while. Go shopping with him. Ride along on his motorbike and take an impromptu vacation with him.

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