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Anbefalet daglig indtag af sukker dating


Anja Biltoft- Jensen, mag.

Der er anvendt 3 datakilder i beskrivelsen: Children yeargrams per 10 MJ. Adults yeargrams per 10 MJ. Det vil sige 30 minutters moderat fysisk aktivitet for voksne. Hensyn til helbredet og den fysiske form er vigtige motivationsfaktorer. Fx kan man undlade at opstille slik- og sodavandsautomater. Herved bliver det sunde valg - Anbefalet daglig indtag af sukker dating lette valg. Industrien kan bidrage til dette.

Hermed kan effekten af sundhedspolitiske indsatser belyses. This report uses 3 kinds of survey data: In these surveys the same method was used. Furthermore, these two surveys include data for both children and adults. The results indicate both positive and negative trends in dietary intake for children and adults. In particular, the report focuses on two areas in which negative dietary trends are seen i.

In order to establish factors influencing population behaviour, the report also looks at motives for and barriers to healthy eating and for being physical active. These changes are elaborated in this summary, whereas the absolute intakes of the specific food items are elaborated in the report. Overall there are similar trends in the diet of children and adults and as it is shown in figure 1 and 2 these trends are both negative and positive. More low fat milk The milk intake of children and adults has become healthier after the introduction of "minimilk" milk with 0.

The content of low fat milk e. The results indicate that full fat milk has been substituted with low fat milk.

More fruit Anbefalet daglig indtag af sukker dating vegetables The diet of children and adults contains more fruit and vegetables today than in Among children the intake of both fruit and vegetables has increased equally, while adults primarily have increased their intake of fruits.

More thanDanes meet the recommendation for fruit and This results in an increased energy percent from sugar in the diet of children. It should be noted that the women are responsible for the large increase. These trends give cause of concern, since there is evidence that sugar sweetened soft drinks promote weight gain. It is quite possible that candy and chocolate, which are energy dense products, promote weight gain in the same way as sugar sweetened soft drinks. Likewise, there has been an increase in the number of persons who exceed the alcohol limits set by the National Board of Health maximum 14 alcohol units for women and 21 units for men in a week.

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