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However, most of my friends would not even consider going to the majority of the Middle East or Africa because of safety, even to countries like Jordan where there have not been any attacks for years.

Most people Somaliland chat at travel advisories and crime data but even that is not enough to make decisions without understanding the local realities of Somaliland chat place.

The crime rate and the threat of terrorism are two objective measures of safety but they will not tell you how much danger you will really be into.

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The objective safety "Somaliland chat" in El Salvador would keep anyone away. The country is the murder capital Somaliland chat the world. But when you look at the data you realise that crime happens mostly in two cities and among gang groups related to drug trafficking. As a tourist, the risk of anything happening to you is Somaliland chat unless you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. So I prefer to lay out the facts about safety in Somaliland and then talk about my personal experience so you can decide if you think Somaliland is safe enough for you.

Crime levels in Somaliland As Somaliland is not a recognised statethere are no statistics about the level of crime, the murder rate or even the threat of terrorism. In fact, the Global Peace Index does not include Somaliland as data is not available. Instead, global figures for Somalia as a whole are commonly used by the media, the international organisations and the potential visitors.

However, there is a huge difference between Somaliland and Somalia in terms of the political situation, stability and safety. For example, I would not consider going to Mogadishu at this time, especially after having visited Somaliland, because of the completely unpredictable security situationthe active Al-Shabab operations and the lawlessness of the place.

Over people were killed in terrorist attacks in Somalia in alone. The deadliest attack ever in Somalia took place Somaliland chat November and killed people. In Somaliland, the last terrorist attack was in and the government has managed to keep the country largely safe since then.

However, the risk remains and all major foreign offices and services warn international travelers against bringing down their defenses. Why is Somaliland significantly safer than Somalia? Because of its autonomy and independence from Mogadishu.

Somalia has not had a government one can speak of since the civil war started in whereas Somaliland took this opportunity to create its own governmentparliament and "Somaliland chat" of law, quite successfully for a country that is not recognised and has no monetary tools, budget or international aid. The last parliamentary elections in Somaliland took place in November and were considered by international watchers as largely democratic and peaceful. People have organised themselves to provide order Somaliland chat peace Somaliland chat migrants are returning to help rebuild the nation while they await for international recognition.

However, Somaliland is not entirely free of crime risk.

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The dangers are mostly related to armed militia Somaliland chat, kidnappings and terrorism. Petty crime is low and you should not be worried about pickpockets, especially if you have your own police escort see next section. This could obviously change anytime as borders are not a deterrent to terrorism.

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