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What to do on a second date with a girl


Behavior can vary between the first, second, and even third dates — which is why you always need to be on your game. First dates are a way to make a first impression, second dates are how you keep that impression from going south. First dates you should be arranging it like a movie, so when she replays it in her head, she remembers all the good times that you had togethber, and it feels like a string of events that could really start up something good.

Second dates can let you get more physical, but you need to make it on the same level as the first, ie, have an adventure. Leading is the way you appear attractive.

Second Date Tip #2: Keep...

So, date idea are yours, make sure that you can venue bounce, make sure that whatever logistics or schematics that may come up or contribute to the night, you can keep under control. You should also be leading in different areas. Including the most important area — physical escalation. So whatever you were doing on the first date you were at a certain point in the sexual escalation processcontinue that onward. If you were building deep comfort or on the way to qualification, just keep going.

The point of a second date is to get deeper in with people, so whatever you were doing on the first date, do it on the second date, but more amplified. Here are some good second date conversation: On the second date try to get more personal and take the second date conversation to a much more flirtatious and sexy level.

So be aware of that. If the only place you can do sexual things is inside a hotel hallway, you should probably start seeding that you want to see the hotel, if you want to get people back to your place so you can escalate there, have things that are interesting back at your place. Have a compendium of movies or television shows, party games, if your state allows it, legalized narcotics — all of that will make it easier to get her back on the second date.

52 Non-Cliché Second-Date Ideas That...

Have fun and get the kiss. Those are the only two second date rules you need to follow. How to tell if she likes you. Guide to Verbal Foreplay.

If you want to make...

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