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Gta san andreas dating helena

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I lost all my muscles,dress in my pimp suit as well as other clothing ,but she STILL always turns me down. I never have trouble finding her in Blueberry,but she just won't date me. I dont entertain the girlfriends.

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My attitude is if I have to change for them to go out with me then they are not worth it. Also I worry that my missus might load up SA and look through my stats. Go to the small town of blueberry and find ammunation.

If she is there at that time, you will here her firing a gun at a target range beside ammunation up some steps. Because her pickup point is in the badlands, she doesnt come availabe for dating until you unlock San Fierro and the Badlands.

Doesnt like much muscle or fat. Get a nice bike and ride it up to her on the balcony and get off it to ask her for a date. This will give you Gta san andreas dating helena little bit extra sex appeal.

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Helena likes to eat in restaurants and the closest place to take her is the reastaurant in Rodeo, Los Santos. If she wants a driving date, drive slowly because she doesnt like speed.

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