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Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating


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Invader Zim - Episode 9B...

Get Known if you don't have an account. Is there a reason that some Irkens have purple shirts but most of them have red shirts? For Irkens, are "male" and "female" more modes of aesthetics than biology?

They're shown to at least have superficial characteristics that are usually related to being male or being female though there seem to be very few "female" Irkensbut they don't reproduce sexually or even appear to have genitalsso are these apparently gender based differences in appearance just matters of personal style? That question's a real tougher. This troper has different theories; 1 Irkens are cloned and have identical biology so they don't have any divergent organs to match, thus they cannot mate.

The fact that females have eyelashes can indicate that they are different than males in some aspects; like, that they're less capable in male-oriented areas, but are better at other things to even out the gender equality. Or 3 It has no relevance to the plot of the show and was "Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating" put there to emphasize that Irkens do have different genders or justify the concept that Tak is basically Zim's female counterpart, who is also more competent.

It's sounds pretty feministic now when I think about it Well, the way Irkens are born in their current age Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating clearly dependent on advanced cloning technology, one the species couldn't possibly have always had.

My guess would be that there once was a time - one that probably lasted quite a while - where Irkens made babies the old fashioned way, with baby-makin' body parts, and genders stuck around once they switched to cloning because, well, it would just seem weird for them not to exist anymore.

There was Irken subtitles in the DVD box set. Maybe there is a hidden language inside there! Kinda like Simlish in The Sims.

The Foodening Makes No Sense. In the episode "The Frycook What Came From All That Space", there a periodic massive increase in business called "the Foodening" that makes it impossible to escape the planet for the next twenty years because of the gravitational pull.

If this is so, how do the customers escape? The gravitational increase is caused by the massive weight gain experienced by the customers when they eat all that food. Presumably, over the next 20 years they slim down again.

That still doesn't explain why the mass of the food itself doesn't increase the gravity of Foodcourtia before it is eaten. Maybe they eat so much that a massive amount of food has to be delivered to the planet continually to satisfy their appetites, and they keep on eating and eating.

But, eventually, they stop eating, and the mass of the planet goes down again because all the, erm So, in theory, something that goes close to the speed of light ought Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating be able to escape as well.

But it goes so fast that the contents of it get mashed up, which is okay for dookie, but not lifeforms. It can't be, though—the extra gravity pull starts as soon as the inrush of customers starts, so the extra mass is definitely from the customers arriving. I think that was just to explain why there was significantly less than twenty years between Zim's first escape and the fry cook coming after him. Yes, we know that.

Rule of Funny and Rule of Cool don't actually explain anything except in a Doylist context. This could be explained with the time warp. Maybe the gravity of the planet continues to increase during the Foodening until the gravity of the planet warps time itself, and everyone is shot back to just before the Foodening began, restoring normal gravity.

Granted, that leaves a lot of time travel problems to be worked out, and doesn't make all that much sense. Fuck physics, I have money! Maybe the planet just has really short years. Maybe customers who don't want to leave can just leave by teleporter or something? Though that doesn't explain why it's so important for Zim to escape before the Foodening, since he could just teleport out afterwards. My guess is that the Irkens have some kind of technology to outright destroy waste products or shunt it to another dimension, or something.

The customers are stranded for twenty years, during which time they run out of food, starve and lose weight, while all their body waste is gotten rid of via whatever the Irkens use. Eventually, since they're eating the food and then disposing of it via mass-destroying toilets, the planet's mass finally shrinks back down to escapable levels. The other dimension waste disposal theory makes even more sense in the context Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating Zim's threat to send Dib and the bus to a "dimension of pure DOOKY!

Well, doesn't the taxi ship service thing shut down for the Foodening? So maybe when it's over and people stop eating the gravitational pull is from the snacking remember it opens again and they all leave. It's just in their digestive tracts and septic systems now. Invader ZIM - Complete...

The gravitational pull is from the act of snacking on such a huge scale, not from the presence of the snacks themselves. So once everyone's full and there's no active snacking going on, the pull weakens and people can leave. You make my brain hurt so much that that actually makes sense! Yes, yes it does! Ignoring the fact that the idea that active snacking causes gravitational pull makes no sense, it is seriously what the show suggests Invasor zim hamstergeddon latino dating, which means all theories about how leaving is possible have to work around it.

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