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Pennetta and fognini dating


Most sportsmen, no matter how great, always tend to stretch their careers. Italian tennis ace Flavia Pennetta is an exception to that rule. At the age of 33, right after having won the US Open, her first Grand Slam, Pennetta shocked the world by announcing retirement. In the city as part of the Pennetta and fognini dating Tennis Masters squad for the ongoing Champions Tennis League, the Italian spoke at length about her decision to call it a day at the height of her powers, current boyfriend Fabio Fognini and ex-lover Carlos Moya, who cheated on her, among other things Excerpts:.

In an interview to Sky...

On her decision to retire: They asked me to focus on my tennis instead. It was tough for me to not think about it impending retirement.

So, why do that?

Retired WTA player Flavia Pennetta...

I cannot play one tournament and not play for two weeks. On reconsidering the retirement call: At the moment, nothing. Pennetta and fognini dating attracting attention after winning the US Open: For me, family, friends and my boyfriend are very important.

If I have two free days, I want to spend those days "Pennetta and fognini dating" people I want. Now that I have more time, I can try different things. On thinking about retirement during the US Open final: On winning a Slam at the end of her career: Every player wants to win a Grand Slam, but very few can.

Winning a Grand Slam was my dream, but it was never something I thought could be a reality.