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Molestia en la garganta sin dolor yahoo dating


Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Cysticercosis is a disease caused by larval form of tapeworm. Cysticercus cellulose primarily develops in tissues of pigs. Infection of human tissues is unusual and affliction of the oral cavity is rare. We, herein, present a case of lingual cysticercosis without involvement of any other site.

A 5-year-old male, non-vegetarian child presented with a painless, pearly white, solitary nodular swelling on posterior dorsal side of tongue since 3 months. Excision biopsy was done. Histopathology revealed cysticercous cellulose in tongue muscles. This e book discusses the topic Lingual thyroid. Lingual thyroid is a rare disorders seen only in 1 in 1 lakh population. This is actually a coincidental finding in most of the cases.

"Molestia en la garganta sin dolor yahoo dating" book discusses the embryological aspects of lingual thyroid, clinical features and the current management trends of the same. This record was migrated from the OpenDepot repository service in June, before shutting down. Lingual agenesis is a rare anomaly caused by failed morphogenesis of the lateral lingual swellings during embriogenesis.

Most reported cases have been part of oromandibular limb hypogenesis syndrome OLHS. A case of lingual agenesis associated with micrognathia and alteration of the hands is reported.

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