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Metrosexuals crossword


James Mulhern Relative difficulty: Double-J-ness alone makes it respectable. MURSEhowever, is absurd in the extreme. No one but no one uses that word, would claim to own one, etc. Maybe some TV episode or pop culture joke somewhere made the term briefly, Metrosexuals crossword viable, but please.

Friday, June 5, 2019

MURSE is Metrosexuals crossword as a portmanteau of "male nurse," and it's not good there, either, as male nurses are just nurses. Metrosexuals crossword sort of how I feel about public use of profanity.

Like, go to town if you're at home, or if just you and your friends can hear, but rein it in if you're in line at the grocery store.

Clue: Metrosexuals. Metrosexuals is a...

Blah blah something about public discourse something about I'm becoming an old man. Basically you have a super-common Friday grid design today—black X roughly through the center with 3-wide L-corners all around that is, 3 longer Acrosses crossing 3 longer Downs in every cornerand the results are mixed. I'd say the fill is mostly good, rarely terrible, but too often mediocre.

Entire NE is entirely forgettable. It's an entirely acceptable puzzle, but I wish there were more stand-out answers, and I wish Metrosexuals crossword fill were somewhat smoother. POOalso, never acceptable. Look how terribly I started out. I got so frustrated that I just plowed ahead, bull-in-china-shop style, refusing to stop until I'd traversed the entire grid from NW to SE.

As you "Metrosexuals crossword" see, horrific start suddenly gives way to impressive grid-spanning streak: First four answers in the grid were wrong. I still don't really get how [ Give a turn ] makes sense for JOLTbut I'm sure that some idiom somewhere can be stretched to Metrosexuals crossword that meaning work, somehow.

Doesn't mean it got Easy all of a sudden—just means it got doable. But once I got the NE settled, I came down and realized that all my first instincts shown above had been right. I made a few more mistakes along the way—GULE? Up or down 12 semitones, in musical notationnothing else held me up much. Puzzle took some work, but no more than you might expect on a Friday. You really gave me a turn.

"Metrosexuals crossword" really JOLTed me A tad crunchy with some zip. I'm usually agree with you Metrosexuals crossword re- words, but I think rejigger is a word that people,use a lot. I know I use it I conversation. In fact, you never see jigger without the re. "Metrosexuals crossword" filled in the lower left triangle quite quickly, but ran into heavy sledding in the upper half.

WOEs and clues double-timed me, and I cheated to finish.

Metrosexual's tote? Find the answer...

It doesn't matter how it's clued. Feels stupid that Metrosexuals crossword didn't get "red and white" wines! Not sure why I loved this puzzle, but I had a big smile as I finished. The latter was a Patrick Berry, and the archives show Rex had no problem with it then. This was one of my fastest fridays in quite a while. One of my fastest ever, in fact. Face it, this puzzle was FAIL from start to finish. Rex Metrosexuals crossword it was sorta okay, then points out all the reasons it wasn't.

I was convinced of failure at the awful JOE intersection, although I should have seen it--but I became inured to lousiness. In other words, if one wants to clue a presidential Metrosexuals crossword, try to avoid Metrosexuals crossword. This puzzle proves that a crossword constructor's idea of an inspiring and sparkling seed entry may not necessarily be worthy of a NYT puzzle and its solvers.

Once again, it seems made-up words and phrases that nobody ever needs or uses trump a rich vocabulary. Zippy or hip "Metrosexuals crossword" not all it's cracked up to be, yet neither of the above examples could be called that. Perhaps James Mulhern's fault was that he, like a proud stage mother, pushed it up front, in our faces, into the grid's most prominent real estate at 1A, as did David Steinberg if memory serves.

Hiding it below at 60 or 63A would have given the puzzle a different feel. I did like much of the clever cluing though, one that stood out was "It's between the lines. I hope Saturday will be better.

Crossword Quiz Solutions

I've been reading your posts for years and this is the first time I felt the need to comment. Normally, I agree with you on word choice -and do today for rejigger and teentsy.

Jock Jams seemed odd given Metrosexuals crossword relative fame "Now! I recall every commercial break during high school in CA airing a "Now" ad yet never once saw anything advertising for Jock Jams.

Murse, however, is a fairly common term. About 10 years ago I'd say that 'man bag' was the more common phrase for the idea but now murse is also acceptable. In fact, it was Metrosexuals crossword first word I got in today's grid and Metrosexuals crossword me quickly fill in the rest of NE. I, for one, was happy it was included. The puzzle would have been a non starter for me without it. PS I loved the clue for Reagan. It doesn't seem like a push-the-envelope word to me.

We were going along swimmingly.

Done with Metrosexual tote crossword...

Went around the grid and ended up in the NE where the fun and games ended. Thought the purse was a manny, I guess that's a male nanny. Other than that corner, it was great. However, most of the alternate suggestions by Anon 1: NIXON" would just be bad fill.

Which is kind of too bad, because MENTOS form the basis of one of the most amazing demos that Metrosexuals crossword provide to our general chemistry students. Click on this link and enjoy! This looked hard when I just started out, putting in "solo" first. Several unknowns, but I got it right anyway: Jock Jams, teenTsy, rejigger, Snape.

My first thought "Metrosexuals crossword" 18A was Nancy Reagan and her slogan. Nice clue for old Olaf. Pretty good Friday for me. Which may be an indictment of how many sitcoms I've watched, as the term feels far more common in pop culture poking Metrosexuals crossword at the concept than in real life.

But I think I literally put it in with no crosses, as the clue seemed to be worded to send Metrosexuals crossword directly to that answerthe directness of the clue made it feel like an acceptable balance.

If it had been clued with something odd Metrosexuals crossword "Holder for uncommon holder? It feels like a very common term, I'm sure I "Metrosexuals crossword" it often. Felt fresh and intuitive, to me, rather than either fake or forced like it did to Rex and others. Metrosexuals crossword interesting to find out how people's vocabularies differ, as this isn't one I'd have expected to see such stark disagreement about.

I'm fine with the word, certainly, but I held off briefly because I for some reason instinctively thought the puzzle wouldn't use it. Given how often we see ASS, that may be a little silly, thoughthis may be more an issue of what we expect the puzzle to be okay with, rather than what we ourselves are okay with seeing in it. But mileage may vary. All in all, a fun puzzle, and a bit faster than my usual.

I loved this one. There wasn't one single word I didn't like - even though a couple of them were new to me. No, I'm sure I was the only idiot How do I look? Just felt a bit miffed for a "Metrosexuals crossword" who had a puzzle rejected once because of "rat's ass. I've spent most of my post-puzzle-pondering-pre-public pontificating thinking about POO.