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How to find a filipina girlfriend


The easiest way to meet and have sex with girls in the Philippines is obviously to simply go and buy yourself a hooker. There are generally two types of hookers: Freelancers means they work by themselves and you would meet them in the bars, night clubs or even in the shopping malls or streets.

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And bar girls or massage girls which are girls who are employed by the bar or massage salon and while it may be a little safer to take them you will always pay a premium that goes to the owner of the place i.

Much more detailed information here:. The line between freelancers and girls who just want fun and new experiences is usually very thin here but that makes it also quite exciting at the same time.

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Just take care of your belongings when you bring her back to your room, especially when taking a How to find a filipina girlfriend, and you should be fine. You can find the top lists of the best bars and clubs here:. The best places to meet Filipina girls in public are definitely the shopping malls.

First, they are in great mood when shopping and second they are not really in a rush or at work and that means you catch them at the perfect time. You can find my tips and strategy on how to pick up girls in the malls in this post:. The online dating sites. There are many dating sites around but the most popular free one is Pina Love and the most popular paid one means less competition is Filipino Cupid.

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I have written a full post comparing the best sites that you can find here:. What I mean is that, majority of them will not give me the time of day.

When I go home, I dress like a local to avoid any circumstances. A good example when I was in A.

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