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Sexual health campaigns united


Recent work has explored the intersection between sexual health as construed by the World Health Organization and others and public health domains of action in the United States of America. This paper reports the narrative results of a systematic review of sexual health intervention effects on public health-relevant outcomes. To qualify, interventions had to be based on the principles: Outcomes were classed in domains: We summarized data from 58 studies English language, adult populations, — by population adults, parents, sexual minorities, vulnerable populations across "Sexual health campaigns united." The most consistently positive effects on behaviors and adverse events were found for sexual minorities, vulnerable populations, and parental communication.

Whether via direct action or through partnerships, incorporating principles from existing Sexual health campaigns united health definitions in public health efforts may help improve sexual health.

About 1 of 4 sexually...

These outcomes are mediated by a mixture of individual behaviors, relationship dynamics sexual relationships, but also friendships and care relationshipsand social factors.

Outcomes pertinent to sexual health are often framed "Sexual health campaigns united" negative terms: Consequently, public health goals and objectives tend to focus on reduction of adverse outcomes, and goals related to health promotion are typically instrumental to reducing adverse outcomes e. Public health intervention in sexual health tends to be either low-intensity and broadly-focused, or more intensive intervention conducted in the context of adverse events or Sexual health campaigns united risk.

Examples include fact sheets for broad public consumption and risk reduction intervention conducted during STD partner notification investigations. In this paper, we examine the extent to which interventions based on a positively-framed and holistic definition of sexual health e.

These domains Figure 1 were drawn from a consultation on sexual health and public health at CDC and are: We derived common elements from existing sexual health definitions and used them to select studies for a systematic review of interventions designed around sexual health framed in positive terms.

We based our construal on Sexual health campaigns united broad approaches converging on an affirmation of sexual health as natural and integral to overall health Figure 2. The United Nations UN conference on population and development contained a substantial reproductive health component, including statements on access to reproductive and sexual health services e. The Beijing Declaration of referenced the conference and broadly affirmed the sexual equality of women as part of the overall equality of women and men UN, The World Health Organization WHOwhich had outlined sexual health as early as WHO,defined sexual health a working definition, not yet ratified as an integral part of overall health, using much of the same phrasing found in the Cairo and Beijing documents WHO, Public Health Service, Both these definitions define sexual health more broadly than Sexual health campaigns united a facet of reproductive health, although with similar attention to the issue of individual rights incorporated into definition of health.

The common elements across the three definitions Figure 2 are that: These two statements form the basis for selecting studies for review.

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