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Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision


Sade, aged around Part-timer looking for some pocket money. Friendly GFE, big boobs, trimmed pussy.

FGM/C is common in Africa...

Please PM for her contact details. I would imagine so Does the girl do video? I would pay to get some video from her. Been out of Lagos for 3 years and needed an update for a trip next week. Will be in from Sunday to Thursday night and likely staying in Ikoyi. So off night and off the island A few maybe willing to come visit and spend the night.

100% Guaranteed!

Have met a few from here. Thanks, TicTocAlso see this report http: Are any of you Nigerian punters a member of Adult Friend Finder and can you access the site within Nigeria? I recently joined this when out of the country on leave.

Now I am back in country I can not access it. The site is not blocked but I can never get the web page to open. Anybody else have the same problem? Never had a problem myself No problem communicating with her and getting her to hotel. Unfortunately, the "Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision" was a disappointment.

She was kind, but less than enthousiastic, very passive. She refused to take a shower I had.

Clandestine , your forgot to...

Reluctant to kiss and reluctant to do BBBJ. She wanted to watch Nigerian TV all the time and took no initiative what so ever. On top of that she had a scar on her belly that was not healed yet and was oozing yellow stuff Suffice to say I was turned off.

Thanks to BW99 however, no fault of his! Hi, Some while since last posting. I've had a couple of trips and some fun in the mean time. Enjoy and have a nice Christmas!

Regards, Mr Hubby PS! Any others that have some xmas postings? I'm sorry but me if I go to nigeria to fuck that kind of girls I don't go, because in Paris in France you find very better young nigerians girls about 20 years old, slim, pretty good tits and body extra, but it's sure I haven't pictures to show you. Here's some pics of a friend of mine who stays in Lagos.

Sorry, don't have any nudies of her. She's 25 yrs, quite petite size 8, small tittiesbut very pretty and loves fucking white guys. She gives an amazing HJ and BJ and very skilled at massage. She needs someone to scratch her pussy while I'm out of the country. She's not a WG but as with most of the girls, is appreciative of some spending money. She's a bright, intelligent girl and makes very good company, not just between the sheets.

Please PM me with a few details of yourself Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision I'll put you in contact if she's interested. It seems you speak french isn't? Hey y'all, I just spent 2 weeks in Nigeria. Enugu State and Lagos State. I'm an American white guy, so it was a "trip" being the minority.

I joined the afrointroductions site...

That being said, I had a great time. The Nigerian people are very generous and will offer you the shirt off their backs. I can't count the number of times a friend's friend took me into their house for dinner, cold beer, conversation, etc. I also had some great nights with some very beautiful ladies. College students very often take to shagging in order to pay their tuition. Money is not discussed. It's up to you to slip something into their purse in the morning, if you choose.

In Lagos, being a bigger city, the ladies are more beautiful and classy. Attached are pics of a 22 year-old beauty with whom I spent one night, the next morning, lunch, all afternoon, and then another night later that week.

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also...

Finally, I had the good fortune of becoming "color blind. I just noticed faces. If everyone could experience this color-blindness, racism would die. I'm glad to see pictures from young nice girls, because I saw so many fat and old girls on that forum! If true, it marks the end of an era. Will be interesting to see if all the girls move across to the new location at Tarzans, or if they spread themselves across some of the other bars such as Pats. There were some girls dancing there in bikinis.

Black girl Africa circumcision. vonronny....

They arrived and danced as a group but appeared to be runs girls as a couple of them later paired off with punters.

There were some other girls at the bar that were definitely looking for business.

Smartly dressed and probably not cheap. Thanks for the report about Nigeria culture, are you always living there? From to Now living in UAE but make regular trips back to Naija. Damn that's a shame. YNot was a Lagos institution! It was always a Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision going there with a Fresh Fish just to watch as his eyes popped out when some chick grabbed him by the nuts!

I paid a visit to the new e-bar at the weekend. Much bigger and much busier than the old e-bar. Several girls in there looking for company. I hit on a tall, very slim girl with an attractive face. Turns out she is a 22 year old from Ghana who is studying in Nigeria. She willing accompanied me home for a very pleasant GFE and she was in no rush to leave in the morning. She has incredibly long slim legs, a small pert bum and size A boobs. All in all, exactly what I needed. I will certainly keep her number for future reference.

There was plenty of variety in the e-bar to cover all tastes, and the girls were not in your face with their marketing. Please Sandman, have mercy of us. Do not forget your camera in your pocket. Snap a pic and post it for the members of this forum! I wioll be in lagos Sunday Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision. Am looking for a lady to come visit mne.

Am not allowed by company to go out. To come viit me at hoitel. Looking for young hardbody. Anyone who can help me out. And hopefully gals too! So any tips on where to stay and where to pick up would be dead handy. I stayed there once before at a place called "The Little Birds Hotel" I was so tired it was just chop and a beer, and was not up for much elsebut this time I will be there loaded with cash and rubber.

So an steers would be greatly appreciated. Ikejagoblin, I gave you some tips regarding Uyo, and you did not bother to share your experience with this forum till date. Hi Back, Ane Xxus: The bloody Uyo job is still Afrointroductions african hookup african girls circumcision, I would be down there like a shot, but our client neglected to settle invoice.

So no cash is no job done! And no Uyo spree yet. Be assured as soo as I have been I will give you the full report signed, sealed. Try afrointroductions and link to Lagos, all the action you need.

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