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Hook up bridge rectifier


How to properly hook up a Full Wave Rectifier? They are diagonal from each other. Without it you justhave rectified AC. Most chargers want DC. The cap smooths the rectified Hook up bridge rectifier to make DC. Full Wave Rectifier is the other positive on the same side or opposite side? Full Wave Rectifier There no positive pole or negative pole concept in the alternative current, since it is continuously changing. It doesn't matter how you plug your AC since both poles will be having the same function.

Hope this clarifies a little.

A bridge rectifier converts alternating...

Anyways, before continuing with that I think you should take a look at this topic further and understand how does a rectifier work "Hook up bridge rectifier," because I see a little misunderstanding in the concept you have about currents. Full Wave Rectifier Here is a link which may help you out: Can't get better than that!

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Before using the bridge rectifier...

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