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World History Unit 1: What makes a people group a civilization? Is the traditional definition of a civilization relevant to all cultures?> Bratcher, Dennis. July>...

Is there a better definition of a civilization? What are the benefits of living in a community? What are the drawbacks? How does where we live influence how we live how does geography affect trade, innovation, growth, culture?

Why do people form governments? Who should govern or rule? Why do civilizations develop social class or caste systems?

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How does trade influence the development and growth of civilizations? How does religion affect the lives of its followers? What themes are universal in all religions? How is society influenced by religion trade, class, achievements, etc?

The first story is a...

What questions do people expect a religion to answer? Create a list of things that would happen in your house, school, and city if 5 feet of snow fell tomorrow. How would this list be different if you lived in an area that got snow regularly? What does your list show about the relationship between geography and human behavior? What are the benefits and drawbacks of living near water?

Would you recommend that a civilization be built close to or far away from water? What is the relationship between citizens and the government in the US?

Is this relationship beneficial or should it be modified? Is it better to have a government in control of a small or large area of land? Can you think of an example of a country that proves your answer? What is the purpose of religion? Are religions good, bad, both, or neither? Could societies exist without the existence of religion?