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Abena Duffour, owner and creative director of fashion brand Hatboxco, has opened up about her company in a one on one interview with Agoo Magazine. Duffour talked not only about Hatboxco but also opened up Agoo magazine ghana website dating about herself and some things she likes and dislikes.

For the fashion goddess looking to add some elegance and class to her style…HATBOXCO is your go to luxury brand that is well versed in the art of fabulous and stunning! Despite their youthful tenure in the fashion industry, the brand boasts of a very impressive clientele list as a result of their attention to detail and exquisite fashion pieces.

The future is bright for this young and digitally charged company, as it continues to strengthen its brand via its social media activities and other innovative avenues. Like most creatives, I have a very active imagination.

This attribute coupled with my impeccable attention to detail makes it possible for Agoo magazine ghana website dating to draw inspiration from virtually everything around me.

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This unique ability is what drives the impressive designs we come up with. One interesting thing that my team will tell you is that Agoo magazine ghana website dating always envision the piece on the potential wearer before we start work. It brings everything together in a piece; making it unique. If designing was not in the cards for you, what would have been the next best option.

As I said before, the environment inspires my designs but professionally, I have been lucky to have found myself surrounded by some really impressive and inspirational people. For me their mere presence in my life has always spurred me on to greater heights. I can attribute the success of myself and this brand to them. What single fashion item do you think is a must have in ones closet and why?

A pair of classic heels. What is your impression of the current fashion industry in Ghana and how has it influenced your brand?

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Fashion in Ghana has seen a lot of growth but I still believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Doing what I do, I get the opportunity to meet and speak to some of these young designers like myself and I get really excited. The fashion industry is blessed with some of the smartest young people in Ghana at the moment and they are leading the charge of elevating our industry to the next level. I am very proud to count Hatboxco as one of the brands fuelling this charge. It was a proud moment I will seldom forget.

And when Hollywood actress Nicole Agoo magazine ghana website dating Parker wore my piece. Family — I hang out with family. I find that I am one of those lucky people that actually has family who are great friends and vice versa.

When life gets too much, family has a way of taking the edge off and hence I spend as much time with them as I can. What is your favourite genre of music — what are you listening to in your car or bumping your head to these days?

RnB and hiplife are my favourite genres.

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