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How sexually attractive are you quiz


What the title says. By the way, the questions and results have moral values that have a grain of seriousness to them but are also satirical.

If you don't know what that means, then you probably don't share my sense of humor and should not proceed, or you may get offended. I'm particular about how many and who I get close to, so about people, by choice if it's not by choice and you'd like to have had lots of sexual partners please choose the option that represents the number you'd like. It depends on my walk in life, and what I want right now; sometimes it's purely the physical pleasure, but i have been with people who I cared about too, and that reason has mattered.

Or I can imagine doing that.

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Mostly or always, I have it with someone I know at least fairly well, to express love, and even if it's for pleasure too, I couldn't imagine having it solely or mainly for that reason, or to get close to someone who I wasn't even in love with. Right but this would be the most resembling answer if I had experience.

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I don't know, but I don't think there would be a major issue. They could have told me about it, but as long as they want me, How sexually attractive are you quiz could forgive and forget and no harm should be done right?

Except the fact that they don't seem to care that the girls aren't looking too happy with their lives If that would ever happen, I'd tell them off for doing something that could actually be "How sexually attractive are you quiz" cheating behind my back. They weren't honest about it, and worse yet; my image of them is completely blown when I see that they seem to like looking at unhappy, often vulnerable, broken people being exploited and taken advantage of by doing this to themselves.

They either have no knowlegde of all the darkness going on behind the scenes in this industry; or they're repressing it or don't care and enjoy it nevertheless, which is inhuman. How could the person I thought I knew be turned on despite this, and by looking at their unnatural plastic bodies, grotesque, exaggerated facial expressions, their faked orgasms, the lack of feeling and monotonous, machine-like movements? Not to mention the fact that women and men, for that matter suddenly are products, unworthy of dignity, respect or human value.

I have a new favorite each time. I like to shake it up. I especially enjoy the risky and derogatory ones. Bring in the whips, the chains, the handcuffs It won't be an issue since I won't be dating this person anymore, since we obviously have differing values and can't be trusted. They still need to play off some steam and aren't ready to be with me. I'm monogomous and won't have anything to do with that kind of stuff. You may once in a while think about what they said and maybe get worried, wondering if they really are only satisfied with me now and if a person really can change that much in a year just by finding their right match.

If I'm still satisfied and excited enough by them to stay with them for a year, I have either completely forgotten about this and therefore they won't deny it, since I didn't remind them of it in the first place OR I remember it with joy, tease them playfully for it and may even have fulfilled this fantasy with or without them or at least suggested it or nagged them about it.

Sheesh, a harmless drunken homoerotic fantasy is pretty lame compared to the real frisky stuff out there, after all I'd say I have a high drive, can't get enough. I run dry, and then I'm ready to go again I've been called nympho, player, stud, slut etc.

On the low side And it's better when there is love. I'm having mixed feelings about these sort of things and the people who experiment with it. Actually, I think I would rather have the ice cream than go out of my way to avoid them just because I'm not looking my best. If the thought would even occur to me to win them over when I'm fit for fight again, I can't really be bothered because it's too much fuss, I don't really flirt with strangers, they may already be taken, or it may just lead to something shallow and pointless.

Or maybe they'd How sexually attractive are you quiz out to be some kind of psycho. The hot ones are usually either dead boring or crazy. All of a sudden, I'm finding other purposes for this ice cream.

Freud claimed we are all...

I consider hiding behind groceries until the coast is clear, but then I remind myself that there are other hotties out there and if they're sitting there today of all the days, when I'm trashy and sick and going to buy ice cream, then this eyecandy wasn't mean to be for me.

He wouldn't even have time to react. That's a tough one I'd have to be in a decent mood too I'm not going home with someone I don't know. It goes against my morals, not to mention my common sense. This is too good to be true. I can never turn down such a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity. I'm helping this poor stranger. In every way I can; You mean letting a complete stranger in, a person who is uninhibited enough to ring on strangers doorbells and ask to stay the night? Survey Maker Flashcards See All.

What's Your Sexual Personality? Please take the quiz to How sexually attractive are you quiz it.

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Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Oops, you just caught your partner watching porn without your consent. In the early stages of a serious, monogamous romantic relationship, your partner, after getting slightly tipsy although not drunk suggests going to a gay bar and that you each fool around with a member of the opposite sex.

A year or so later, this relationship has evolved to something deeper; also, How sexually attractive are you quiz have changed and settled down more, and sort of deny suggesting this. Like for example, one person is a nurse, or secretary, for example, or a student with a short skirt that wants to get "punished" Ugh, I want nothing to do with this.

No my cup of tea. Just reading this is bothering me. You've been single for longer than usual and the sex life is pretty much dead zone too. You're a mess; having a cold, eyes puffy and glossy, hair matted to the forehead, sweat pants etc. They have a new cashier. They're SO your type. If Brad Pitt isn't your thing, just imagine the rich and famous celebrity guy you find "How sexually attractive are you quiz" in any way, or if you're a straight guy, then of course, imagine a girl.

Now, slightly different scenario, only this time, it's Saturday night, and you're single or something along those lines. Suddenly, as the sun begins to set, the doorbell rings. They stand before you at your doorstep, saying they're travelling around and were supposed to meet a person in the neighborhood but can't find them and now it's getting late and they need shelter for the night, just for now.

They seem honest and seem to have good intentions. Removing ad is a premium feature.

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