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Matchmaker by sign

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This is a common problem that singles of all ages run into. I specialize in connecting single people with diverse, yet compatible, backgrounds. It is my philosophy to stand true to the traditional Matchmaker by sign of dating and to be there for you throughout the dating process.

Here are eight signs you need matchmaking help:. Does your successful career demand a lot of your time, leaving limited time to date?

Your Sun sign can provide...

My matchmaking services help you cut out the wasted time of going on endless first dates. You have been misled by online dating profiles. The data that people add to profiles may not be entirely accurate, leaving matches to be unsuccessful.

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Your family and friends are looking out for your Matchmaker by sign interests, but they may not be looking closely into the compatibility of a potential partner.

I interview all of my clients to ensure I have a clear idea of what you are looking for and who can share your lifestyle with you. Your recent dates have not progressed to second dates.

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You just went on a first date and it went really well, so you thought. I do the initial work for you. You are not meeting people who share similar interests. You live in a small New England town.

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