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Bisexual psicologia


Families headed by lesbian, gays and bisexuais: The aim of the present study was to describe the scientific literature on families Bisexual psicologia by lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals, through a Bisexual psicologia review of national and international studies published between and The following databases were searched: After the Bisexual psicologia of inclusion and exclusion criteria, articles were selected for review.

Most studies were international, empirical, cross-sectional and quantitative, with a focus on lesbian parenthood. Content analysis of the articles revealed two major categories with a series of subcategories each: This review provides an updated and extensive discussion of the research into families headed by sexual minorities.

Major findings are summarized and critically evaluated, and suggestions for future research are described. Family, parenting, marriage, homosexuality, same sex. The scientific study of families headed by lesbian, gay and bisexual LGB 1 individuals has flourished in recent years.

The scientific study of families...

This area of research became especially prominent in the s, although at that time, most studies focused on the mental health of lesbian mothers and the potential negative effect of parental homosexuality on offspring psychosexual development Johnson, LGB families still experience discrimination in several contexts, including the health, welfare, education and legal systems Power et al.

Same-sex relationships are characterized by deep emotional bonds and Bisexual psicologia, and may experience several issues of intimacy, love, faithfulness, and relationship stability.

The experience of prejudice events, the need to hide or conceal one's sexual orientation, and internalized homophobia are significant sources of stress for sexual minorities Meyer,and often have a negative effect on same-sex couples, decreasing marital satisfaction, intimacy, and individual well-being and mental health Henderson et al. Despite the growing number of studies into "families and homosexuality," and the increase in social and legal debates on the topic, misconceptions regarding LGB families continue to permeate the social milieu.

In light of these observations and the discrimination faced by these individuals, the psychological literature should invest more resources into the study of families headed by LGB individuals, discussing these situations and shedding light on the specific issues faced by these families. The Bisexual psicologia of the present study was therefore to describe the scientific literature on families constituted by lesbians, gays and bisexuals, through a systematic review of national and international studies published "Bisexual psicologia" and A general picture of the scientific literature on the topic was provided, highlighting both the advances and weaknesses in the literature, as well as significant areas for future research.

Additionally, a comprehensive characterization of the literature on both parental and marital issues was performed, since Bisexual psicologia couples are themselves a type of family arrangement. The geographic range of this review was Bisexual psicologia significantly larger than that of other similar studies in the literature, most of which are limited to North-American and European studies.

The present Bisexual psicologia also included articles published in Latin America and Brazil, so as to construct a systematic and comprehensive compilation of current knowledge on the topic.

This systematic review aimed to describe the scientific literature on families headed by LGB individuals.

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