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Menudo was also one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history, releasing their first album in The band achieved much success, especially during the s, becoming the most popular Latin American teen musical group of the era. The group disbanded in The band had several radio hits during its course.

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Their success led them to also release two feature films: Una aventura llamada Menudo and Menudo: The band was a starting point for both Ricky Martin and Draco Rosawho were members around the mids during their youth. Menudo's original line-up consisted of two sets of brothers: In the late s, the group released several moderately-successful albums including " Fuego Fire ", which yielded hits "Ella A-A" Her"Fuego Fire " and "A Bailar" To Dance [1] and new members replaced the original ones.

Bythe band hosted a television show on Telemundo Puerto Rico named Gente Joven de "Xavier ex menudo homosexual rights" [2] and-the show-which hosted a yearly beauty pageant named "La chica joven de Menudo" "Menudo's young girl"of which the winner would sometimes appear on band videos and Puerto Rican concerts. Menudo became very popular throughout Latin Americafrom Mexico to Argentina, including Brazil ; they also had a fan base in Spain and the rest of Europe.

During this boom of popularity, fans started calling themselves contagious to the "Menuditis", similar to Beatlemania and today's " Bieber Fever ", or the "Menudomania".

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They were so popular that they starred in their own feature films: Their American fanbase grew, especially among the young, as evidenced by "Menudo on ABC", a series of 4-minute music spots that aired during the Fall season of ABC 's youth-oriented Saturday-morning programming block.

Miguel Cancel Xavier ex menudo homosexual rights the first member to voluntarily quit the group. According to a interview, he was unhappy that a sudden voice change rendered him unable to sing his songs, so he opted to leave before his scheduled departure.

Right around this era, Menudo merchandise began being mass-produced, including merchandise related to the group, their two films and albums, like Menudo dolls, which appeared in the United States and Latin American toy markets in[4] Menudo Topps trading cards, [5] wristwatches, [6] fotonovelasfanzines, T-shirts and other clothing accessories and school supplies. InRobi Rosa now known as Draco Rosa 14 replaced Johnny Lozada 16 just in time for Menudo to release their first English-language album, Reaching Outwhich featured the theme track "Like a Cannonball" for the Hollywood movie Cannonball Run 2 ; and their first Portuguese album, Maniaboth featuring versions of some of their Spanish hits.

During the first half of Menudo toured the U.

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