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Spray tan sleeping bag


We think there are some important facts about our Spray tan sleeping bag and fake tanning which you, the consumer should know. Tan a Sac is a cotton sleeping bag but what makes it so unique is the patent pending panels. This ensures you have a restful nights sleep, confident that your sheets will remain fully protected from your fake tan.

There is also a top panel which folds back over your duvet to protect the bedding from your newly tanned arms. The magic ingredient in most self tanning lotions is DHA. This is what makes the total DHA bronzing effect so slow. Considering the colour of some lotions it makes sense that manufacturers would suggest you apply it overnight when you are safely in your own home and can hide Spray tan sleeping bag the DHA develops!

Well the skins surface is full of oily substances which act as a kind of glue waterproof barrier or sealant.

When the skin heats up during the night it expands slightly and these oils become more runny less viscous allowing better penetration of DHA. Unfortunately, this means our clean bedding is often left stained. They can also leave a very distinctive Spray tan sleeping bag on the bedding which is only removed by washing. Tan a Sac is designed to protect your bedding from the transfer of self tanning products. In the morning, simply remove the Tan a Sac and pop it in the washing machine, saving you the time and effort of removing and washing all of your bedding.

Click here to see how it works. The best way we can describe it is that it simply feels like you have an extra sheet under your duvet. Spray tan sleeping bag have also made the sac larger than a standard sleeping bag allowing you plenty of room, and ensuring a very comfortable nights sleep!

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Tan a Sac is supplied with a separate pillowcase protector and also a cute little bag to store them both in when not in use. No, in fact you might find yourself wanting to sleep in it every night! In summer leave your duvet Spray tan sleeping bag and simply sleep in the Sac. Because the sac is made of cotton it will feel just like sleeping under a sheet. During winter months you can use your tan a Sac under your duvet with the added panel on the top folding back to protect your duvet.

Why do so many manufacturers recommend that we apply fake tan overnight? What are the advantages of applying overnight? So what are the disadvantages of applying overnight?

What are the advantages of using Tan a Sac?

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Will I find it comfortable to sleep in? Will my partner have to sleep in it as well?