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I have one question for you did you read the terms and conditions of the site before you registered as a free Findcheaters com If not then this could very well be the reason that you got scammed. If you look at the image below you'll notice the red circle.

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In the red section it says that " by continuing I understand this site is for adult entertainment purposes only and agree to the privacy and they use in nature of Online Cupids. It's important to note Findcheaters com because you have to agree to the use of "Online Cupids".

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Taken directly from the terms and conditions page they state that "some of the user profiles posted on this site maybe fictitious and are associated with our online Cupid service. Such profiles are designated with the following online Cupid logo. Findcheaters com when you created your free basic membership and you agreed to the terms and conditions you agree to the use of "Online Cupids". So what that means Findcheaters com that you actually agreed to the use of fake dating profiles, phony emails being sent to you, and even phony instant messages.

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And if you look a little closer you will notice 12 red circles around the words "Online Cupid". This unfortunately means that these 12 dating profiles are not legitimate members of this dating service. These are fictitious dating profiles and all the information including the photographs that you see in front of you are all fake. Searching through out the site I came across hundreds of "Online Cupids" which basically means they are fake women and are not actual members of the dating service.

This site uses "Online Cupids" like many of its Findcheaters com dating sites CheatingHookup. If you try to communicate with any of these women or send them instant messages you will be sent to the upgrade page to pay. And that is how the "Online Cupids" deception works in a nutshell. None of the women shown below are real and since you agreed to the terms and conditions which also Findcheaters com the use of "Online Cupids", you are giving the website a green light to use "Online Cupids" to send you emails, fake instant messages, and all other forms of communication that are all phony and not being sent to you from actual women who are members of the "Findcheaters com." As mentioned in a previous paragraph "Online Cupids" also include the sending of fictitious emails.

If you look at the email shown below you will see that the words "Online Cupids" are circled in red in both emails. Both of these emails were sent to us from "Online Cupids". To unsuspecting members of the site they would not realize that they are receiving emails not from a real member of the site but a computer program designed to send automated email messages to members who have a free account.

How this part of the scam works is that when you receive this email obviously you're going to Findcheaters com to reply back to the girl who has emailed you, especially if they emailed you provocative images of themselves.

Findcheaters com you cannot email anyone on the site for free, you need to upgrade and buy a paid monthly membership to do so. And that is why this is considered fraudulent. No one is emailing you and you need to upgrade to reply back to the person emailing you, even know they are not even a legitimate member or even a real person for that matter.

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The online Cupid deception also includes employing real people to interact with you and communicate with you via email and instant messages. Therefore if by chance you do come across a girl that you know for a fact is actually a real person, they may Findcheaters com be part of the deception and are actually employed to interact Findcheaters com you and keep you paying your monthly membership. As you can see the evidence surrounding FindCheaters is overwhelming.

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You can also click on the link that will take you directly to the terms and conditions page where you can verify everything that we have stated in this review. It is Findcheaters com strong suggestion that you do not purchase a paid membership on this site for the Findcheaters com fact that your chances of actually meeting up with a girl in real life is almost impossible.

The information that you provided here is right on.

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