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Our time together


There's a reason I met you You don't think that I get you? Ask me why I'm trying, 'cause I think that you're special Embedded in my mind, only you, nobody else So many times you said Our time together somebody else But you still picked up my calls, you still replied to my texts I went and made you song, you said it made you a mess 'Cause the cracks in your heart, it looked just like mine You and I were broken around the same time Beautiful smile with all the pain in your eyes Our time together have a love so deep, you trust the wrong guys And I understand it more than anyone You're not looking for connection with just anyone What if I told you that I'm the better one?

Marie Elizabeth - Our Time...

Spilling all my heart and I'ma let it run My mind is saying: Leave you, but my heart says no You made your choice, but I can't seem to let go Thinking of your voice in a world so Our time together I'm breaking down now, but I won't let it show And even if I'm crazy, doesn't mean that I'm wrong Wonder what you're thinking as you listen to this song I've been lost in my mind, but I'ma tell you I'm fine But what's the point of The One if you find 'em at the wrong time, like.

You're on my mind, I know it hurts, it's just not our time. Ivan this isn't a game, I can't be feeling the same I told you not to fight "Our time together" anything, there's nothing to gain And now things are harder, 'cause I'm feeling it too There was a wall for a reason, why'd you go and break through?

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