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Although the cops all got off super easy, all of them will be haunted for the rest of their lives. Think about George Zimmerman.

DiAngelo's newest recruit is the...

And Zimmerman, for the rest of his life, will live in fear. This man is brimming with guilt. Instead of him finally giving into his conscience, he chooses to embrace the dark side. He shot her with an obscene amount of heroine. Just dead in the eyes. And this is what Felix will be like for the rest of his life. She begged her husband to continue with the "Petr jablonsky homosexual statistics" because he promised her a good life. And she was right. For Jablonski to have been locked up for the maximum amount of time.

Keywords: Genetics of common human...

For Felix to rot as well, and the other one that looks a lot like Count Dracula to share the same fate. I am hopeful that this piece will help human beings empathize with other human beings.

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Keywords: Genetics of common human...

Jennifer spends her nights writing, her days securing insurance for TV shows, and her in-betweens blogging about the silliness and seriousness of life on her blog. Follow Jennifer on Twitter: I guess I wanted the bullshit ending where the blues that pull this crap actually get their come-uppance. Yes, the ending was realustic, but after 10 episodes of biting my nails, and cursing at the T.


It is what it is…. However, the bells of truth ring loud and clear in the heartbreaking ending of this show. I am angry, and disgusted with the outcome. I was intrigued and glued to the T.

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