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What are some reality hookup shows

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They are, in fact, real people out there bringing shame to their family name by blacking out, crapping their pantsand hooking up with inappropriate partners on national television. If this is modern love, you can just send me straight to hell right now.

Here is The Definitive Ranking...

This relationship inspired me to take a look at what other reality stars are crossing the boundaries of their own shows and have hooked up with your favorite reality stars from other shows.

So apparently this Paulie is from Big Brotherwhich I have never seen. But, I do know Paulie from the absolute dumpster fire that is Ex On The Beachwhere it was revealed that he previously cheated on his girlfriend Lexi.

The Final Reckoning, where he met Cara Maria and immediately lost all sense of human decency.

Here is The Definitive Ranking...

When Cory appeared on The Challenge: But wait, the plot thickens. Do you all watch Southern Charm? I recently discovered how great it is after years of endlessly mocking the friend that one time had the gall to say I should try it.

Best Reality TV Hookups Ever!...

Sorry for damaging your emotional wellbeing for no reason, Nita! Send me a bill for your therapy sessions, and I will gladly take a look at it before I throw it in the trash. Anyway, Southern Charm is great.

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