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How to write a sweet letter

Looking for something sweet, witty...

It's Valentine's Day, it's Christmas, it's Easter! My mom's birthday is coming up!!

We all love the charm...

Write a heartwarming note. It could be a card or just a sticky note stuffed into their sock, but either way, it'll make them happy. Know who you're writing to. In order to be sweet you have to be real, so it helps if you really enjoy the person. Even if it's just for no special occasion, it's better to specify as opposed to getting an anonymous card!

Always pinpoint the unique good qualities of the receiver. Instead of something such as "You're so nice! Say things like "You are always fun to hang around with and you make me feel like I'm They can see right through you if you lie, and what's the point of getting a nasty card.

Sample I Love You Notes

Only write this if it's from your heart. Use inside jokes, self experiences, etc. Make it personal and only for them.

Be sure to have it handwritten, and don't go buy a card. Use a normal piece of paper folded in half. No one cares if the card is sparkly and store-bought, it's what you write.

So be sure to have lots of room. Give them the card. When you do, smile. Or leave it in a sweet place, like on their bed or their desk.

How to Write a Sweet...

Look in your heart and listen, the words come from there, write down the first things that come to your mind. They are usually the right things to say. Just write it as you think it, that goes a long way. Don't doubt your heart. My friend is leaving in 2 days.

I need to write a letter that is really heartwarming and loving. I want her to know she is appreciated and that she's the best. What are some tips?

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