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Sexually transmitted diseases/aids vocabulary games


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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adolescents Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse and are highly infectious diseases. It can even lead to inflammatory disease, which in turn can cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

Tests such as pelvic examination, Pap testand test for STDs should be taken periodically. It is good to avoid anal intercourse and if it is performed condom is a must, even Sexually transmitted diseases/aids vocabulary games having oral sex. Topics such as STDs, birth control methods, having sex because of peer pressure, and date rape must be discussed in detail. Every person should get STD checkups as frequently as possible, irrespective of being sexually active or not, after they turn into adolescents.

The best precautionary measure is to use a condom every time the adolescent has sexual intercourse. Condoms do not provide hundred percent protections for genital warts, AIDs and genital warts.

If an adolescent is diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, his or her treatment must start immediately. Most people think that kissing is safe, but it can spread the sexually transmitted disease, herpes and many other diseases.

The adolescent must be educated about the symptoms and risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Unprotected sexual contact risks the lives of the young by afflicting with sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV infection and even unwanted pregnancy.

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